Live Social Photography for Events

A personalised photo experience for everyone – everywhere - in real-time!

International Confex '24

Were you at International Confex '24?  We uploaded photos live from our smartphone app and professional cameras. Did we capture you?

Confex 2024 Photos

Powerful yet simple...

Bringing the best of Live Photography to a simple, mobile format. Photographers download the FotoGoto App, connect their camera... and shoot LIVE. Your customers and sponsors will love it!

for Event Organisers

Own Your Event Photo Experience - Like Never Before

Take control of every aspect of the event photo lifecycle for a seamless, tailored experience.

Unlock new levels of engagement by seamlessly integrating photos into participant experiences.

From capturing moments to crafting memories, our platform puts you in the director's chair. Own the narrative, captivate your audience, and create unforgettable experiences with our event photo-sharing solution.

for Photographers

Focus On Taking Quality Photos, Leave The Rest To Us

Elevate your photography business with our all-in-one solution – where creativity meets commerce!"

Effortlessly organise, edit, and curate galleries for a personalized touch.

Monetize your art: Capitalise on every click by managing sales, pricing, and transactions in real-time.

E-commerce control: You have complete control over pricing and your own Stripe account

for Brands

Fully Engaged & Measured Experiences

Elevate your brand with our sponsored event photography!

Seamlessly integrate your products, logo or activation into the captured moments of joy - ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Our platform not only captures memories but transforms them into powerful brand assets. Gain exposure and leave a lasting impression as your logo becomes an integral part of the celebration.

Elevate your brand narrative with the immersive impact of sponsored event photography – where every memory is a marketing masterpiece.

for Consumers

Game Changing Search, Retrieval and Engagement

Experience event photography like never before! Our platform employs the latest in AI, machine learning, and facial recognition, delivering your precious moments in real time.

Instantly access and cherish your photos, ensuring every smile, laugh, and memory is captured and shared seamlessly. Unleash the power of technology on your event memories!

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